Naval Architects, Marine Designers and Consultants

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KARL KEIGER, Chief Naval Architect

Karl worked as an intern at GCI and came aboard full time after receiving a B.S. degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in 1987 from The Webb Institute of Naval Architecture. He continued his experience working with Sal and Greg at The Trinity Marine Group after GCI was acquired.

Karl and Sal worked together developing the 78 foot Patrol Craft Fast (PCF) contract design proposal resulting in a contract award to Trinity and ultimately over 30 craft built. He became the Project Engineer during the detail design development and when production began he was the Program Manager for the project which included craft built at Trinity’s facilities and the Philippines through a co-production program. He was also Program Manager for the USN MkV special operations craft built by Trinity.

Karl and Sal also worked together at Trinity Yachts, Inc. on several yacht projects. The most notable ones being the expeditionary yachts “Samantha Lin” and the “MaLoekoe.” After Sal Guarino left Trinity Yachts Karl prepared the designs for the 192’ “Ulysses” and the 94’ “Whale Song.”

Karl joined GCL shortly after it was formed and continues working on expeditionary yachts, patrol craft and working craft.

ROB ALLUMS, Naval Architect

Rob has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of New Orleans.

Rob interned at Breaux’s Bay Craft, Inc. and after receiving his N.A.M.E. degree began work at Trinity. There he worked closely with Greg Cox on the design and production drawings of large double skinned oil barges.

Rob worked with Sal Guarino on the development of hull lines for fast yachts and as a project engineer at Trinity Yachts, Inc. He joined GCL soon after its inception and continues to contribute his expertise to numerous diverse projects.

CRAIG FIELDS, Lead Hull Structures Designer

Craig is possibly the best example of the unique insight and experience at GCL that results in practical and highly producible designs. He started at Halter Marine in 1973 as a shipfitter and later became a loftsman. During this time he also studied graphic science at Delgado College that, with his field knowledge of structures, enabled him to become a top structural draftsman at Halter.

He was GCI’s first employee in 1980 where he excelled in the application and interpretation of classification society rules for hull structures. Craig went on to work at Trinity Marine and later Trinity Yachts where he applied his talents to a number of diverse projects from large research vessels to small high speed patrol craft and yachts. Craig started at GCL in 2001 where he is considered an invaluable member of its staff.

BRIAN BOSARGE, Lead NC/ Outfitting Structural Designer

Brian brings nearly 28 years of Production Engineering and Design experience to GCL. Prior to GCL he was Manager of Structural and Outfitting Design at Trinity Marine Products a Division of Trinity Industries, Inc.

He has worked at other major shipyards in production and engineering including 15 years at Avondale Shipyards. Brian began his production oriented experience as a shipfitter and later as a loftsman and then a draftsmen in the Hull Section. In time Brian became an excellent Structural Designer and was also exposed to then newly developing NC technology. This enabled him to acquire expertise in the field and later become an accomplished NC Programmer and Manager.