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GCL is unique in that it offers diverse expertise not available in many other naval architectural companies.

The extensive experience of its people allows it to perform equally well on project as diverse as a 100,000 barrel double skin ocean-going barge or a 10 meter high speed riverine special operations craft for the military.



Few firms can offer services and excel in the design of a heavy commercial project as the aforementioned barge and also a sleek yacht. Yet the staff at GCI have done this and continue doing this at GCL.

The following sample of projects we have recently worked on illustrates this:

• 100,000 BBL double skin oil tank barge

• 165’ (50.3m) crewboat stability booklet

• 38’ (11.6m) high speed aluminum riverine assault boat

• 168’ (51.2m) 25 knot yacht hull lines

• Double skin conversion of existing single skin 165,000 BBL oil barge

• 255’x56’ crane/deck barge

• 80,000 BBL double skin oil tank barge

• 12,000 SHP ATB tug

• 220’ (67m) expedition yacht

Other Design Projects completed by GCL include:

• 65’ (19.8m) period style yacht

• 33’ (10m) high speed aluminum riverine spec ops patrol craft 210’ (64m) offshore supply vessel

• 81’ (24.7m) aluminum patrol boat

• 142’ (43.3m) expeditionary yacht

• 20,000 BBL Bunkering Barge

• 80,000 BBL double skin tank barge

• 7,000 SHP ATB tug

• 110,000BBL double skin oil barge

• 80’ (24.5m) Z-drive harbor tug

The scope of work performed by GCL on the above projects range from preparation of a preliminary design to full shipbuilder support including all production drawings.